Just when you thought it was safe to crack out your copies of Dianetics and Top-Gun, whore yourself on YouTube and generally be dramatic online; Anonymous returns with an EPIC triple-whammy!…

Well, just as Operation Chanology seems to be gasping its last breath, a symptom of internal civil war (old vs. new, vs. moral), Anonymous have risen once again to show us all that the Internet Hate Machine is still active and processing ‘lulz’ for us all to laugh at! A week or so ago, Anonymous managed to use the ‘forgot password’ option on Yahoo! Mail to gain access to hockey-mum-republican Sarah Palin’s email account. The ensuing reposting of private information (Dox), caused an unusually high level of coverage from the likes of Fox News buffoon Bill O’Reilly and his minions.


Watching Bill attempt to justify his obvious rage-management issues is always a source of great amusement:

Challenging the Internets? BAD IDEA!


Sure enough, a few days later O’Reillys website was hacked and it’s ‘premium‘ members personal details were smeared all over the internets like a peadophile ‘named and shamed’ campaign! It was later revealed that O’Reillys web people contacted the afflicted few, informing them of the breach.


That’s all? … nope!


Oprah Winfrey, lover of Magick for middle-class housewifes … no, really, it is! …anyway, where was I? Oh yeah; Oprah Winfrey who’s recent adoration of the ‘The Secret’, had led people to belive that she may be going the way of fellow nut-ball Tom Cruise, was midway through one of her latest campaigns, defending a senate bill against peadophiles when she uttered this:

‘Over 9000’? Now where have I heard that before?

Anonymous strikes again, this time with very little effort, they managed to penetrate one of the most viewed celebrities in the US, making a total fool out of her.


So, I once again make this plea to online ‘experts’, technology pundits and most of all Oprah’s web people. Take a look around you once in a while, notice what the Internet is breeding, and you won’t make such ridiculous errors. It really does amaze me that people whose jobs rely on their constant monitoring of online happenings so rarely notice the seemingly obvious links between these events…or maybe that’s the point?


Anyway, until then Oprah, enjoy your ‘raep’

Ken Eakins

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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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