guess how many tracks are on this release?

Binkcrsh are a laudable record label fighting the evils of piracy and the death of physical music media by nurturing eccentric and under-appreciated electronic artists. This is the most recent compilation and it is an interesting insight into the Binkcrsh philosophy.

The opening track is “7.63 x 54” by Andrey Nikolayev. A mean modulated bass line stitches together an expedition through industrial drill’n’bass that manages to be a lot friendlier than that sounds. The Turdboy remix of “Untitled” by Newt is of the 8-bit school of sound but doesn’t limit itself exclusively to Gameboy noises, which makes it a lot more listenable but I’m not sure “Turdboy” is the most appealing artist to get your remix work done by. Internal Pudding’s “Swayed Test” is bassy electronica with glitchy beats that evolves into a well-produced and slightly dreamy tune that lives somewhere between Warp and Flying Lotus.

The comically named Toyz’r Me with “Whorelando Blum” (…) should not be underestimated on the basis of his rubbish naming skills, because he is pretty adept at finding interesting noises and has put together a taut and effective piece of electronica made out of them. “Archos” by Dissolving is pretty electronica with confidently engineered beats that has echoes of E.U and Fibla and is one of the most accessible tracks of the album so far. James W.W. “Meshes” takes a loop and drum pattern and overlays a bunch of reverbed stabs to create something that sounds ok but lacks any real identity. Esa Ruoho “Whinnye” takes deceptively simple drum and synth sounds and creates an old school elctronica movie soundtrack that is as warm as it is subtle. Phonemonkey “Megadogcrackmonkey” is a mega-glitchy, drill’n’bass tune that actually bothers to inject a synth melody rather than just try to blow your mind with a million different noises, but is a little too busy for my tastes.

The scintillatingly named Turdboy goes all rave with “Mega Flush” which mixes familiar old school drum breaks (Incredible Bongo Band and Funky Drummer) and classic rave synths to produce something between nu and old rave that is weirdly authentic…like it’s been shipped in from 1993. Simple Vehicle “Dipped” is a minimal slice of electronics that revels in the art of knob twiddling to bring colour and depth to a childishly simple tune that is one of the highlights of the album. Dissolved is awesome. Go and buy everything you can find of his and tell him he rules. This is my entirely objective and un-biased judgement.

Dalezy “God Is Dog” is almost comical in its heavy handed use of …relevant samples but is too well produced and dance-able to dismiss as comedy music. James W.W re-surfaces with “So You Edit”, glitchy house that is abstract enough to draw in the snobs but would be a dancefloor winner, especially when the root sample from Adamski’s “Killer” turns up. Yes…Adamski. Jimmly 7 is a low tech electronica record that utilizes effects to tricky up its sounds for the modern ear but is a somewhat slight offering in terms of melodies. Iqtu “Quandry” sounds a little like the end music from some surreal Nintendo puzzle game initially, until a booming bassline arrives and translates the whole thing from wacky Japanese to sticky L.A. The Bagpiper fittingly enough closes the album with “Duvet Suit”. Terrible artist name but weirdly appropriate track name it sounds like Autechre remixed by the Radiophonic Orchestra. Weird, unsettling and should definitely be played over the top of an episode of Dr.Who.

Albums full of unknown artists on unknown labels are massively imposing. In my opinion this is because more often than not you will be lucky to find a single average artist, let alone anything genuinely good. This compilation has at least six or seven tracks that are good to great meaning it would not only be worthwhile chasing this album down but also investigating Binkcrsh Records pretty thoroughly.

Kim Monaghan

Binkcrsh Records