Coincidence Control Network: File #85 – S&*t Beard Strikes Again!

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This Week: Lil Ray combats corporeal Internet lurgies and hates on carnies, Sex robots, the question is finally answered…or is it?, Lil Ray hates earthquakes, Joe Nolanawitz and the missing art, branded teeth implants, and much more.

Personnel –  Joe NolanFrater Isla, and  Ken Eakins



  • F&*k Animals. F&*k Clowns. Link
  • The future of sex tourism = Robots Link
  • Where is Napoleon’s penis? – Link
  • F&*k Earthquakes Link Link Link Link
  • What does this dying gangster know about world’s biggest art heist? Link
  • The best tooth implant ever? – Link
  • F&*k Bee Pollen Link
  • Snowden, Assange, Manning statues unveiled in Berlin Link
  • Being a hipster is shit – Link


Boots Electric – Complexity


  1. I finally worked my way up to episode 78, where you introduced video, but I had seen the cover art with your faces months ago. As a result, I started matching faces to voices in a way that, it turns out, was totally wrong. This is how I kind of had it figured:

    Ken Eakins would look like Kim Monaghan, Kim Monaghan would look like Joe Nolan, Frater Isla would look like Ken Eakins, and Joe Nolan would look like Frater Isla.

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