The Qemists

The Reso remix is a fucking corker. Nasty skittering beats bring you to a giant bassline climax that sounds like a mic in a tumble dryer. Production heavy it may be, but it’s pretty effective, and when the trance-y breakdown drops you into a massive dubstep nightmare world, the dancefloor in your mind will get pretty hectic. Must hear more Reso.

The first minute of the club mix, however, is pretty challenging. At first I thought it was that bloke who sang “Chocolate Rain” but then it all goes mental drum’n’bass style. And as someone who knows their drum’n’bass pretty well (and is quite snobby about it) I have to award a score of “Meh” to this mix. It’s more Pendulum than Dillinja (that’s not a good thing) and it made me think of spotty kids in cars drinking cider (This is also not a good thing.)

The actual Qemists edit doesn’t do much more for me than the Club mix either, bearing in mind Bad Company were doing shit like this a decade ago and better too, without scattering half-arsed vocals all over the place. But…seriously…get the Reso remix. It’s so exciting it makes your face gyrate.

Kim Monaghan