I’m pretty excited about Supersonic festival this year. Firstly, because Secret Chiefs 3 and Zombi are playing but also because it may be the first official Sitting Now outing, as Ken should be coming up to the wonderful city of Birmingham for it. Hopefully this means there may be some interview shenanigans etc but we can’t confirm anything yet.

It seems that Capsule who run the festival weren’t happy with my excitement levels as they appear to be trying to burst my heart by announcing the addition of Alva Noto (with Beytone) and Cut Hands to an already scintillating schedule. If you don’t know, Alva Noto is a purveyor of astonishingly great experimental / minimal techno to be found on one of the world’s greatest record labels Raster-Noton. Cut Hands is an alter ego of William Bennett (co-founder of the truly terrifying Whitehouse) and after hearing one of the tracks the other day I can safely say it will be a pretty intense experience.

These are just my personal highlights, as there are a wealth of other (undoubtedly) great bands. There are also films and even a kids concert over the course of the three days. Get your tickets now.




Kim Monaghan