sunn ulverGargantuan release from Sunn, paired with Ulver who I know nothing about. Sunn are firmly established lords of the avant-garde scene and this release can only supplement ther position. Is it rock ? Is it free jazz ? Is it classical ? It’s a little bit of everything, not just instrumentally but in tone too with a little bit of menace and little bit of euphoria and plenty of other emotions in between. For a 35 minute album this goes remarkably quickly and I spent the first few listens with bated breath, not knowing what was going to happen. My first encounter with Sunn didn’t go well (White EP) and I almost relegated them because of it but the amazing “Monoliths & Dimensions” soon rectified that and this is another sterling release that will please fans immensely. I have no idea what this album would sound like to someone who isn’t a fellow beard stroker but I do know that if you find EDM exhausting and pointless, conventional indie bands incredibly tedious and endless, rehashed nostalgia bands touring their good album depressing, then step into the world of Ulver & Sunn. It may be primitive and they may worship frightening pagan gods but for anyone who enjoys fresh sounds, bold thinking and epic scale then this is a must.

90,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan