Silent Strangers is an abstract electronic affair, which (inevitably) references Autechre but is by no means limited. One of the great things about Autechre is that they seem to have created a template for music which people follow but don’t copy. That template is challenging and experimental with wacky time signatures and fascinating noises but with an overall desire to make you feel something. Electronica did go through a phase of trying to alienate people by trying to make the coldest and most sterile music possible. Surprisingly, that alienated people, so we now have people like Silent Strangers who are much more interested in showing you their wires than scaring you away.

Effective clicky-poppy beats, slightly menacing synths and big warm bass noises coalesce around a multitude of glitchy beats and weird noises, creating a sound that is both inviting and slightly scary. I can’t see this appealing to fans of … well any other music outside of the electronic realm really, but we have news for you world. We don’t want you blundering round our manor with your guitars and your frail human ways,  we’re busy trying convert data into sub-bass, thanks very much.

Kim Monaghan