It is the year 2012, seven months after Shinobi MC originally defeated the evil Count Dracula.

After Shinobi delivered the final coup de grace to the Prince of Darkness, the Count placed a dark curse upon him that would send him to an early grave unless he revived him! Moreover, Dracula’s minions are once again stirring throughout the land of Florida, ravaging throughout the many villages and terrorizing the townsfolk.

Shinobi takes up the legendary mic, the Vampire Killer, once again and travels throughout the land to the towns of Kissimmee, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Bradenton to liberate the people, and seek help from them as he searches for the Count’s body parts which have been hidden in five different dark manors (Universal Studios, Gator World, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Islands of Adventure, and Animal Kingdom) throughout the land.

Kyle Bunnell, – a.k.a ‘Shinobi MC‘, a.k.a. ‘Money Boy Shinobi‘, a.k.a….ok, three is enough – is finally back to drop some 8-bit Dracula bustin’ beats on your sorry ass.

I can’t get enough of this record. If you are a fan of excellent rhymes, Castlevania, and awesome 8-bit sounds, I recommend you navigate your browser here, and pay a measly $5 for 6 amazing tracks. Any donations/purchases received for this albums will be donated to the family of Mike Pandel, a friend of Shinobi who is no longer with us.

What a horrible night to have a verse!

Ken Eakins

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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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