If I was young and went clubbing then I would be very excited to see that the Visual Acuity EP was available. I am neither and so approach this record with caution, bearing in mind that the aforementioned Raffertie is 21 and also (apparently) a successful disc jockey. My fears are somewhat allayed by opening track “Visual Acuity” which is severely affected with ADHD but contains many interesting sounds. I have no idea what kind of music it is. Maybe this is what people are calling post-dubstep. Yes, that’s right we’re already at post-dubstep. “You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That” is genuinely lovely with lots of dying diodes and melting circuits combining with fluttery vocoder-ed vocals to create something special…like Eskmo but it has genuine warmth not just trickery. “Twitch (It Grows & Grows)” starts out annoying but then turns into a seductive, sultry and pneumatic piece of booty bass which will be driving dancefloors mental for at least a couple of minutes. “Mimetic” is a little piece of house-y electronica that will work well at three in the morning with a mind full of horse tranquiliser but is a bit minimal and repetitive for my liking. And I hate the synth noise as well for some reason. A mixed bag of an EP then but there’s enough good on here to negate the bad and I would be happy to invite this young scallywag in for a cup of tea and a herbal cough sweet.


EP is out on 29th August at http://ninjatune.org/




Kim Monaghan