I like the name Psychic Eye Clix. It’s sort of funny for a little while because it’s like a tongue twister. “Serious Idiots” is also like a joke because it’s sort of an oxymoron. So this is obviously a comedy act. That’s a relief because I hate doing bad reviews and this had bad review written all over it. So I’m reviewing this as a comedy record.

First track is nonsensical dubstep with an industrial / drum’n’bass slant, littered with clips from that interview where John Lydon was being a prick in the 70’s.Well that’s quite funny I suppose. Second track is an ADHD dubstep mix of “Feral” by Radiohead. I don’t personally find it funny but I’m sure Thom would as he likes dubstep and messing about with remixes. The third track has me foxed because I can’t see anything funny about it but it’s on a comedy record so there must be something funny about a dubstep remix of “Let England Shake” that I’m not spotting. I wonder what it is.  Last up is a mangled version of some kind of progressive metal.

I estimate that this EP was produced in under an hour using Ableton, Reaktor and some kind of generic dubstep soundkit. I estimate that Double Edge Scissor and Psychic Eye Clix will not be happy with this review. I estimate that if you are able to concentrate for longer than three seconds that you will be appalled by this juddering mess and should avoid it conscientiously.






Kim Monaghan