Hey, just thought i’d let you, our dutiful readers and listeners, know that we have finally sorted all of our technical gremlins and will be resuming normal service as of Friday this week!

Show – The show is back this Friday morning and is an interviewy discussiony type affair with mysef and Raymond Wiley. In this ep we will be discussing the ups and downs of conspiracy belief. After that, Dr. Bob Curran returns to wax undead again, this time however, about Zombies…swwweeeeeet!

Reviews – As of this week, we will be reviewing Books, Music, Audiobooks, gigs and Films. We had a bit of a problem sorting how this was going to be done, but that’s all sorted now, so expect that!

Equipment – This is all looking gooood now (fingers crossed), I invested a bit more of the mighty Sitting Now budget on some nice gadgets to make the show sound better and easier to produce, so we’ll hopefully be back to our usual weeklyness as of now!

Finally, we are all over Social Networks now like a bunch of cheap ho’s! you can find us on Facebook here, Myspace by clicking the link in our menu bar and we’ll have a brand new Twitter account sorted and active on the site, i’ll let you know the address sooon!

Exciting stuff!

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