This cheeky, two-piece from Brighton have snagged a review from us recently, but the arrival of their catch-ily titled “Some Vegetable Waste” deserves a quick shout I think. Comparisons seem to settle around the Hella / Lightning Bolt sort of area, which is fair in some respects (there are two of them) but not in others (Hella are shit and Lightning Bolt are (still) the best band in the world)). Illness are (I hope they wont mind me saying this) not the best band in the world but what they are is pretty damn good. The drummer is very talented and creates a slew of different rythmns for the guitarist (who is also very talented) to work with, which is essential really when you have only two people in the band. The songs are mostly pretty short and very cheerful and seem to capture a good part of the fun that was had recording them. My only real problem with this album is that it appears to have been recorded in one day. The same guitar and drum sound is present throughout and after a while my attention begins to wander. It doesn’t take any discipline on my part to bring me back though, as there are enough memorable moments and catchy riffs to focus my tiny mind. The good thing about working with a limited palette is that it forces you to focus on the design and these are well-crafted and well-performed songs.

Kim Monaghan