Audio Antihero have been reviewed and featured here at Sitting Now a few times for their consistently excellent releases.  Not only do they release brilliant albums but they make the rest of the world look bad by creating regular charity compilations that are sprawlingly benevolent. They’re at it again with the new “Regal vs Steamboat” compilation which you can download here with all proceeds going to Rape Crisis UK. Amongst many jewels on this album you can find the venerable Jeffery Lewis along with the Sitting Now reviewees Benjamin Shaw, Broken Shoulder, Marblemouth, Wartgore Hellsnicker, Jack Hayter, Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences and Fighting Kites. With 31 tracks to choose from you’ll also surely discover a few new things you’ll enjoy and maybe (just maybe) spot that there’s just the tiniest bit of nepotism going on. Again.

Kim Monaghan