Awesome hair!

This unwieldily named band might at first listen appear to purvey shabby garage rock but there is more to them than scruffy strumming. Touches of shoegaze, touches of indie and touches of pop rock all blend together into charmingly simple and warm songs with decidedly wonky corners. Odd chords, touches of piano or atonal violin stabs take the right angles off otherwise well constructed songs, adding a mysterious and obtuse slant that I appreciate.

The bands that might get listened to round HFADS house ? At a guess Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine would feature but this is not immediately apparent in any one song, but over the course of listening to the album. These are songs written for love rather than the prospect of becoming hugely succesfull but the enthusiasm they exude is infectious and based on this initial outing the band certainly deserve some attention.

Kim Monaghan

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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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