What is this album ? Minimal piano and strings with a garnishing of not quite there beats and out of place samples that actually sit very well together…opera singing and magpies and even a visit from a well known Windows exclamation sound. I’m thinking ambient lounge but even that doesn’t cover it particularly well. Why obsess about the genre ? I’m trying to convey the depth of surprise I felt while listening to it. This is an album that has little or no connection to modern life. It’s the sound of cigarettes and late nights and someone who has no interest in pleasing the masses. Why else would you leave a two minute gap at the end of a track (“Lightbox”) before a pretty little piano melody that sound like it came straight from a silent movie ? Because you don’t give a fuck, an attitude that pays hearty dividends in my opinion. I was given this as a trio of albums from the bold Bearsuit Records (all featuring Mr No No) and this was my favourite, although it only just pipped an album he did with a Japanese chap called Wakabayashi.

I intend to grab both on CD and I look forward to hearing anything else that comes my way too.






Kim Monaghan