greguyAn almost straight forward venture into pop territory for Bearsuit, this record leaves me in two minds. On the one hand it is so painfully chill wave that it makes me want run screaming from the room, desperate to listen to some Slayer or Iron Maiden to restore my critically depeleted testosterone levels. On the other it makes me want to wear a sports jacket with the collar turned up, shiny trousers and espadrilles with no socks while standing motionless behind a keyboard. There’s no doubt that Greguy have written a good little EP, each song has something going for it and the whole slightly melancholy ambience is very appealing. However it also stands guilty of being very backward looking and shamelessly aping the weak, weak sounds of the 80’s. It also has to be said that there is a reasonable resemblance between Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” and most of the songs on here. Sultry self-indulgent synth pop that can straddle both the guilty pleasure market and also the crushingly cool market. Bravo Bearsuit and Bravo Greguy.


78,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan