Grasscut – 1 Inch / ½ Mile (Ninja Tune)

Opening tune “High Down” should be enough to win anyone over to Grasscut’s way of thinking. An intelligently combined chimera of jazz, glitchy electronica and indie-rock with a healthy regard for both those who like to stroke their beard sand those who like a tune. This is a rare combination indeed and I already love this band / man / act after one song. “Old Machines” is next up, and it’s a little like the bastard offspring of some sprightly chip tune exploits and Thom Yorke’s Eraser but with some UK garage style pizzicato and just a hint of a marching band wafting in on the breeze. As you may already have guessed, it’s probably easier for you to just listen to this than read any of my bizarre and confusing proselytizing. But that’s what I’m here for, so…

Strange archaic samples appear throughout the first two songs and “Melwater” uses the same to tantalizing effect, and the lyrics (even though affected in what seems to be becoming the standard singing voice of UK bands/artists ; a kind of drawling pseudo cockney accent ) are obtuse and poetic enough to keep you fascinated. Imagine Clark but less mental and with a singer and you’re sort of starting to get what Grasscut sound like. A near perfect fusion of electronica, jazz and indie that is melancholy, uplifting, inventive and intelligent. How fucking awesome is that ?

Kim Monaghan

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