GlossolalaiYou know you’re getting something interesting from a 2419 release and Glossolalia doesn’t disappoint. Actually it does but only with the initial opening track Sunny (Rite of Passage), a long bit of free jazz with spoken word samples over the top that doesn’t really go anywhere. To get to the point you have to get to track two (The Search For Gold) which starts out like a bit of Mario World incidental music, relying on a brilliant -ly wonky keyboard hook, before transforming into a bit of great prog/jazz/rock workout that is highly reminiscent of Jaga Jazzist. We lurch on to “Whamm” a stuttering stop/start affair which combines synths and traditional jazz elements with reasonable effect. It has to be said that this is an entertaining album, well played, well written and well produced and I recommend downloading it (it’s free) but it also stands very much in the shadow of the aforementioned Jaga Jazzist who have been producing albums like this for a number of years.

77,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan