Ken travels to the deepest darkest Georgian wilds to uncover the identity of the Georgia Guidestones bomber. Joining Ken on this sleuthy endeavour is old buddy, and guy that literally wrote the book on the stones, Raymond Wiley.

This week we discuss: The history of the Georgia Guidestones, The rise of dark conspiracy theory, who we think planted the bomb, QAnon and much more.

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Raymond Wiley Bio:

Raymond Wiley is a historian, broadcaster, and producer based in Athens, Georgia. Arguably the foremost expert on the Georgia Guidestones, he has appeared on numerous TV, radio, and online series, including Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and CBS News Atlanta. Episodes of his audio series, Out There Radio and The Disinformation Podcasts, have been syndicated on numerous AM and FM stations and downloaded millions of times. He has been described as “a sober, Southeastern version of the radio host Art Bell, exhaustive in chronicling conspiracy theories and the occult.”

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