Ken and Mark travel to the Mauve Zone to discover the mysteries of Kenneth Grant’s occult universe. Our guide into this mystery school is author, publisher and Typhonian Michael Staley.

This week we discuss: Who was Kenneth Grant, How is the Typhonian Order different to Crowley’s OTO, Grant’s relationship with Spare and Crowley, Is Steffi Grant underrated? and much more.

Joining Ken from his tentacled astral body is Mar(c)k™ Satyr

Main theme by Simon Smerdon (Mothboy)

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Starfire have just re-published Grant’s ‘Beyond the Mauve Zone’

Michael Staley Bio:

Michael Staley is the founder of Starfire Publishing. He knew Kenneth Grant for more than forty years, becoming his publisher in the mid 1990s, and across a number of years republished the Typhonian Trilogies in new editions.

Michael lives in north-west London with his wife Caroline Wise.

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