EPISODE 43 – Phone Losers of America with Brad Carter

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This episode we talk serious business with Brad Carter, the head honcho over at The Phone Losers of America.

In this weeks show we discuss, Red and Beige-boxing, The legendary Mildred Monday, Cacti, credit card fraud, homelessness, Curtis the Super Hacker, and much more.

Daddytank returns with another round of musical greats from his central computer:

Aoki Takamasa – I’m A Part Of It
Senking – Skidozer 3000
Pixel – 40 42 24 12 73 59 51 18

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  1. Cactus, cactus, CACTUS, cactus, PLA Incorporated.
    Cactus, cactus, CACTUS, cactus, Phone Losers dot Org.

    Coooool – Will give it a listen – I like it when two seemingly unrelated podcast you listen to collide!!!!

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