EPISODE 40 – The Death of Privacy with Steve Rambam

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This week we talk to a private investigator, and head of Pallorium Inc, Steve Rambam. Steve is famous in the hacker community for his enlightening lectures on the death of privacy.

In this weeks episode we discuss: The death of privacy, smartphones: The little snitch in your pocket, The cavalier use of your data, how to (or not) avoid detection in the age of the Internet,  why Foursquare is a really bad idea (see, we told you) and much more.

Steve’s fantastic talk, ‘Privacy is Dead – Get Over It’,  is available over at Google Videos – Part 1, Part 2.

Well known avant-music investigator Daddytank returns with another great lineup of musical perps:

Emre Sevindik – Willow
Meadow Blaster – Brown Sprite
Coppice Halifax – MMD007-6

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Steve Rambam Bio:

Steven Rambam is a private investigator operating out of New York and Texas. He has conducted several thousand missing-person searches over almost three decades. Steven is well known in the hacker community for his lecture ‘Privacy is Dead – Get Over It’. Steven Rambam’s upcoming book, Stealing Your Own Identity, chronicles his own playful year-long hunt for friend and co-author Rick Dakan.

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  1. This was a really interesting episode. I did note however that Steve seemed to define life without a smart phone and the Internet as “not worth living”. I think there are a few people scattered round the world in developing countries who might disagree with him. Also, speaking for myself I use virtually none of the applications he mentioned. I use false emails and names for commercial stuff and only talk about stuff on the Internet I want people to know about. It seems ultimately that the problem is people offering up their lives on a plate.

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