In this weeks episode we talk to amazing musician and composer Trey Spruance. Trey has been part of some of the most diverse and influential musical projects of the last 2 decades (in our opinion), including Secret Chiefs 3Mr BungleASVAFaith No More and Faxed Head. in this, the first part of two, we talk with Trey about recording Xaphan the new Secret Chiefs 3 recording, working with John Zorn, Secret Chiefs tour plans and bieng a part of ASVA. Enjoi! Background songs taken from Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws – Secret Chiefs 3 (Mimicry Records) Included songs – Clips from Secret Chiefs 3: Xaphan – Book of Angels Volume 9 (Tzadik Records), Secret Chiefs 3: Owl in Daylight – Book of Horizons (Mimicry Records), ASVA: Kill the Dog, Tie them up, Then take the Money – Futurists Against the Ocean (Mimicry Records)

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