This week we dig through the volcanic ruins of Pompeii and uncover the activities of the Dionysian mystery schools. Our initiatic guide through the villa of mysteries is wonderful Peter Mark Adams author of ‘Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos’.

This week: What does initiation into the mystery schools look like, Just who is Dionysos, The ecstatic rush of possession, where can we get those sweet Dionysian cult rings?, and much more

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Peter Mark Adams Bio:

Peter Mark Adams is an author, poet, and essayist specialising in the ethnography and visuality of ritual, sacred landscape, esotericism, consciousness and healing. Peter has over twenty years experience with energy-based healing modalities including rebirthing breathwork, meridian therapies, and Reiki. As a professional author, Peter’s non-fiction is published by Scarlet Imprint and Inner Traditions; literary prose and poetry largely in Corbel Stone Press’ literary journal ‘Reliquiae: Journal of Nature, Landscape & Mythology’ and a range of essays examining other than human encounters in the peer-reviewed journals ‘Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal’ and ‘The Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology’. With a background in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool; Peter pursues advanced studies with the Warburg Institute’s School of Advanced Studies in London covering iconology and iconographic theory; Renaissance art and material culture.

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