This weeks guest, Dean Haglund, is probably best known for his character ‘Langly’ from the hit Fox show The X Files. He also starred in the spin-off show ‘The Lone Gunman’ which ended in mysterious circumstances. We ask Dean about this mystery, as well as chatting to him about crazy serial killer software, medical conspiracies, being an inventor, what he knows about the new X Files movie and a slew of other cool stuff!

I am joined this week by the latest edition to the Sittingnow staff, Jacob ‘JW’ Williams as we mourn the temporary loss of Paul as well as revealing JW’s previous experience with our last guest Nick Pope!

Music this week comes in the shape of Estradaphere and their brilliant track Mekapses Yitonisa from the album Quadropus available from our friends over at Mimicry Records

You can buy one of Dean’s excellent Lone Gunmen comics, as well as a Chill Pak from

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