Emika's Double Edge Single is released May 10th

A deceptive little number this one. On the album version a melancholy eastern tinged melody, and a glacial glitchy vocal, give way to a rumbling dubstep pounder. The female vocal is nursery rhyme simple, and when combined with the cavernous bass-line and almost subliminal sci-fi bleeps and squelches, she creates an icily beautiful sonic landscape that manages the elusive task of making you nod your head; but use it too. Excellent stuff.

The Pinch remix is a more straight up dubstep mix, with beats right up front. Great throbbing bassline and some tasty squelchy noises, but the vocals only appear as little stabs here and there. It’s like the brothel version, but that’s intended as a compliment. If you’re partial to a bit of dubstep then the remix is nice but the original version is a much broader and more impressive tune. Well worth a listen when it appears on May 10th.

Kim Monaghan