UK hip-hop. I never used to be able to type those words because I would usually be laughing too much at the ridiculous copycat music that was using the label. However, with the death throes of hip-hop subsiding, a new and revitalized version of hip-hop has appeared. Proper lyrics (not about cars and bitches), interesting tunes (that don’t sample things that are a week old) and more importantly something that has been missing from hip-hop a long time…excitement. Dels has all of these things.

The original version is really nice with big fat awkward synths and some nice vocal tics that put Dels a million miles ahead of some of the people who call themselves UK rappers. The reworking from Kwes is disconcertingly strange and fascinating.  The Eli T remix is a bass heavy effort, much more club friendly and a bit like dub being beamed into your brain from a UFO. Final offering “Ghostapes Savage Replicants Mix” is just bizarre. Pared down to a simple drum loop and peppered with atonal beeps and noise, it may not be hugely dance-able but it tops off a bunch of remixes that are all very different from the original and all exhibit some interesting features.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch calling this an EP (one song remixed four times) but usually remixes are a trite affair and this is an unusually interesting bunch of versions. As for the original track, if there is any justice it should net Dels a whole bunch of kudos. Oh and the artwork is spectacular. Thanks Big Dada !

Kim Monaghan

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