This rather attractive looking self released Cd-R is both a pleasant and slightly confusing item. Dead Sea Apes (good name) are a trio who have created a bit of dusty, desert dwelling instrumental post-rock….WAIT COME BACK…I didn’t mean post-rock I meant uh…pre- rock. Or something. I didn’t mean to scare you off, I forgot the effect that the words post-rock have on a record buying public. Anyway, whatever you want to call it is pretty solid. You might not be able to whistle it (all ten minutes or so of it) but you can certainly slug down some hooch while chewing on your cigar stub while it plays.

My only problem is that the other two tracks on the CD are “remixes” or rather alternate versions. Maybe Dead Sea Apes are as big as U2 and there’s a public out there demanding many varied versions of “Soy Dios”, but speaking personally I’d much rather have a shitty b-side than two slightly different versions of the same tune

Kim Monaghan