dead albatross pt 1

For the second year running I have been asked to select the pick of the years albums from UK artists for the Dead Albatross music Prize 2014. Not Coldplay or Calvin Harris or rubbish like that but proper music. So I have decided to put together a selection of my picks from the original 65 album longlist, just to see how much my taste correlates with the official selection. So here is part one. Expect part two in about a week or so. Many thanks to Paul Ackroyd for taking the time and effort to put all this together. Please visit the Dead Albatross blog for some proper information and if you like any of these albums you can find them all at low, low prices at Normans Records.



Basic House – Child Confession

Ian Humberstone and David Chatton Barker – Merripit: The Sow of Merripit

Ibibio Sound Machine – The Talking Fish (Asem Usem Iyak)

Emerald Web – Dreamspun

Kate Tempest – Circles

Sam McLoughlin and Alison Cooper – A Plague of Coded Knocking

Ex Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Three (Second Movement)

Flamingods – Hyperborea

Christian Wallumrod – Low Genths

Eomac – Shell of Dark

Bass Clef – Full Moon Revenge Rainbow

Cate Le Bon – Sisters


Kim Monaghan