Coincidence Control Network: File #91 – Teetering on a Glass Bridge

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This week: Make your own comics you lazy …., The stuff of nightmares, Philp K Dick: The barely tapped resource,  Animal magic, We’ll never know what her log had to say, and much more.

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Ken Eakins



  • Mark Millar Wants YOU to Make Comics! Link
  • Seriously…just no! – Link
  • Minority Report – film, television, reality Link
  • Live Migration Link
  • RIP Catherine ‘The Log Lady’ Coulson – Link
  • New Lou – Link
  • I TOLD You Little Girls Can Be Funny Link Link
  • YouTube Adfree subscription coming next month – Link
  • Californium is Full of Schlocky Dick Link


Kool Keith – 3000

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  1. World on a Wire is amazing.
    I am looking forward to The Man in the High Castle.
    I think MR. ROBOT is doing extreme paranoia with a definite nod to PKD.

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