This week: Gundam fans: size isn’t everything, Don’t cross the Dark Lord!, Glow in the dark Wild Boar, Net Neutrality, Ryan Gosling and incest, Don’t be dissing my Montessori, Google Glass: The creepiness continues, and much more!

Personnel –  Matt Staggs Frater Isla, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins



  • Anime Dweebs Plan Sixty-Foot Robot Link
  • Dark Lord oppression – Link 
  • More than one in three wild boar in Germany too radioactive to eat – LINK
  • How will Kim get his unspeakable porn? Link
  • The Notebook Proven to Cause Incest Link
  • Montessori Texas style – Link
  • Creepy emotion-detecting Google Glass appLINK
  • Octopus-Inspired Cloak of Invisibility Link
  • Beer Texas style – Link
  • Drunk Seattle Man in Tuxedo Opens Fire on Couple Who Interrupts public oral sex –Link
  • Double Space News (DSN)Link, Link 2