This week: US Veterans are not fans of drugs, The great Washington body-double conspiracy, Germany does it analogue!, The cows come home, Archie takes a bullet…finally, and loads more great gumph in this return to CCN greatness!

Personnel –  Raymond Wiley, Matt Staggs Frater Isla, and Ken Eakins



  • US Veterans Stop Taking Their Meds Link
  • Washington Body Doubles – Link
  • Germany goes back to the future with typewriters – Link
  • Freedom of choice…for cows – Link
  • Archie Takes a Bullet Lin
  • Robbie the Robot’s claws: Torah writing robot debuts – Link
  • Money well spent – Link
  • Russian scientists might be our saviours –Link
  • GCHQ Can Manipulate Social Media Link


Sage Francis – Dance Monkey

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