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This week: We go bumper length to stem the patience of our listeners…*cough*…Canadians are awesome, drink driving goes Cronenberg, More booze antics, Overdoses for sale, Bilderbergorama, Jon Lajoie is awesome, Activism is the new black, The return of Occupy?, The NSA read all of Kim’s dirty emails, and eyeball licking.


Personnel –   Joe NolanKim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins


  • Canada confirms existence of alien life. For real (props Ben Brujo) – Link
  • ‘Pub loo shocker’ ad is pretty extreme!! – Link
  • Booze has a lot to answer for – Link
  • Cornering the Market on Overdoses Link
  • Bilderberg Denouement – Link
  • Give money to Jon Lajoie- Link
  • Activism is the New Terrorism – Link
  • Occupy Again – Link Link Link
  • A History of NSA Spying – Link
  • Prize for Episode 50 is sorted – Link


Dissolved, Yppah, and Jon Lajoie