This week: So much for progress, Peter Lamborn Wilson Endorses #abandon movement, Alex Jones and the gold-leaf dead babies, Kim goes Waterworld, Mozza is a Ferry ripoff? Christianity the death cult, Japanese Women go nuclear, Occupy money,  Gitmo prisoners tortured by Muppets, and Zombie face excuses.

Personnel –  Joe NolanNicholas Pell,  Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins.



  • So much for progress – link
  • Peter Lamborn Wilson endorses the #abandon movement – Link
  • Alex Jones believes Bilderbergers are eating golden roasted babies – Link 1, Link 2
  • It can only be built in Heaven – Link
  • Mozza rips off Ferry – Link
  • New book claims Christianity is a rehash of a pagan death cult – Link
  • Effective ? Yes. Empathetic ? No. – Link
  • Occupy money – Link
  • Gitmo prisoners tortured by Muppets – Link
  • Miami ‘zombie face eating’ attack – Link

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