This week: Behold the SUPER EARTH, Kony’s no phoney, Haiku Monaghan, Ken Russell’s a bit of devil, The final voyage of the USS Enterprise, Luna-folly sunk the Titantic, Wacky American words, Skynet must be trapped, and Kim goes gay for Asia again.

Personnel –  Kim MonaghanJoe Nolan and Ken Eakins.


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The Links That Bind Us All

  • Super Earth – Link
  • Joseph Kony – Help catch this twonk of a man – Link
  • Double incomprehensibility – Link
  • Movie time! Ken Russell + other – Link 1, Link 2
  • USS Enterprise takes its final voyage home – Link
  • Did the moon sink the Titanic, or was it Kim again? – Link
  • You Americans use wacky words – Link
  • AI Prisons – Link
  • Those crazy Japanese – Link

Musical Interludes