A squalling mess of feedback, industrial noise and shouting with a post-apocalyptic cult feel to it, best listened to while wearing sackcloth and ashes and self-flagellating. There are many rhythmic elements to this EP with raw bursts of guitar sound and clanking electronic noises and between those and the layers of static and hiss (and the man trapped down a well shouting who provided the vocals) it is very full sounding while being minimal in structure. Not quite noise and not quite drone I would be tempted to say that this three man band fall in to a post industrial sort of sound. I imagine this would be a pretty interesting live experience if somewhat gloomy. Not as gloomy as Adele though.

The release comes in a DIY wallet thing and is hand sprayed and for a £5 I think it’s a good deal. Get it here :-






Kim Monaghan