Look at the artwork. It makes me want to smash my screen. It looks like one of those pictures they get a group of people with mental health problems together to make to encourage teamwork and discourage sadness. Look at the name. Call The Doctor. What a shitty name. It sounds like a comedy house band from a Carry On film. So, two significant failures before anyone gets near the band, which makes it a double shame because the song isn’t that bad at all. It’s not in anyway punk. Maybe if you took punk and ironed it and sprayed it with Febreze and told it to be home before midnight and then it nodded in agreement, but if this even came close to punk it would break down in tears.

I got sent the whole album to listen to but I don’t want to. The songs alright, it has a nice vocal hook on the chorus and the singer has a nice voice and it’s pretty good. But really…it’s 2012. This sounds like it was dug up 15 years ago. Who’s it for ? If I want pretty boy melodic punk I’ll listen to the Strokes. If I want girly punk I’ll listen to Peaches or something. If you want to listen for yourself its over here :http://callthedoctor1.bandcamp.com/


Kim Monaghan