Broken Shoulder was always a noisy little beggar with its fuzzy guitar lines and distorted edges but this release embraces the wonderful world of noise entirely, eschewing any “real” music until near the end of the very long (and charmingly titled “Foot Sweats / Lose Your Lunch”) and even then it’s just some crazed strumming over a highly distorted guitar. Rather than laboriously detailing the merits of listening to the odd bit of noise I’m just going to describe the songs and assume you know as much as me. Unlikely but let’s run with it.

            “Fridge Muttering” sounds like a fridge muttering and is the equivalent of sitting under a fluorescent light and watching it flicker for two minutes. “5:34 Dancercise” is like listening to a Casio Keyboard that has been set on  bossanova, then thrown into a swimming pool,  for exactly 5 minutes and thirty four seconds. “Foot Sweats / Lose Your Lunch” is like watching someone you know is going to vomit, without being sure when it’s going to happen, while a mosquito buzzes around and around and around your head.

            If none of this sounds appealing to you then I applaud your clean living and high moral standards, but to me it sounds great. It’s also free so why not go and see what the fuck I’m talking about.

72,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan