Firsty, I need to apologise to you, Needs More Ram and Boogie Monster for not putting up this review earlier. I just had to sit on this album for a little while and enjoy the privilige of having a promo copy of one of the best albums I’ve heard since Cleric’s “Regressions” (I love Cleric). The album opens and immediately their self proclaimed love of Lightning Bolt shines through but rather than a lazy, slavish attempt to copy the supreme masters of  noise metal, it appears that Boogie Monster have studied them, learned their ways and then taken off in their own direction.

The first jaw dropping moment on the album is “Bullfrog” which is just pure riff heaven that suddenly drops into a little skuzzy blues-y skiffle before going off and exploding like a huge malfunctioning firework. I have been hammering this tune all week and I’m not ashamed to admit it gives me full on goosebump action (check out the latest Behind Closed Doors for the full length track).“Transmissions Burst Through Sticky Lungs” is a sheet of white noise and psyched out drum and guitar doodles reminiscent of the first Lightning Bolt album in its pure noise saturation levels, but it cleanses ones mind in preparation for the joyous drum led assault of “Kabutops” and “Trapped In Bollywood”.

Good albums should transport you to a little bubble of alternate reality for a while, and this does that in spades. It is almost like discovering a brand new Lightning Bolt album from the period between “Ride The Skies” and “Wonderful Rainbow” that somehow disappeared but has now re-emerged, and I really cant recommend it enough.

I also have to spare a mention for the label behind the band which looks like a truly fascinating place to explore and I intend to do that.

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Kim Monaghan