Another mini release from the consistently professional duo sees two new tracks (“Conquering Echo” and “Dreamer”) backed up by two remixes from Alrealon stable mates Fluid and Restless.

Black Saturn is a talented vocalist and always comes up with something intriguing to lay over subduxtion’s industrial space hip hop, but his performance is a little anaemic on “Conquering Echo” which makes “Dreamer”(with its glitchy neurosis and slightly hostile paranoia ) the best original track on here.

That said FluiD (“Conquering Echo dancehall mix”) and Restless (“Legacy of the Ledger remix”) have both done great work on the remixes, with Restless just edging out FluiD to take the winners podium. Another strong release from Alrealon…and another free one that can be got from

Kim Monaghan

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