SittingNow TV – Episode 6: Carl Abrahamsson: Go Forth and let your Brain Halves Procreate

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Finally, after what can only be described as a clusterf**k of epic proportions, SittingNow TV Re-emerges blinking into the daylight. This, the first of three final additions to Scarlet Imprints ‘Pleasure Dome’ event a while back, heralds the dawn of a new video age for SittingNow…keep em peeled!

Carl Abrahamsson:

A recent focus in Abrahamsson’s writings/lectures has been the multicoloured area between art and the occult: their many intersections and often vital offspring. In 2011, he “initiated” an occult art project which deals with the creation of a “mega-golem”: one magical being consisting of artworks. His talk at the Pleasure Dome touched upon this, in relation to a tradition of visionary art.

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