Coincidence Control Network: File #009

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This week: The death of Megaupload, Legislation that could kill Internet privacy, Has George Lucas really retired?, History being made by blackouts, Jim Henson avant garde, Sega Toylets, How the US lost out on iPhone production, and shooting nails into your brain.

Personnel – Joseph MathenyNicholas Pell, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins.


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Show Links

  • RIP Megaupload. Anonymous retaliates.  1, 2
  • The legislation that could kill the Internet. link
  • George Lucas Retires – Link
  • SOPA blackout makes history. link,  link
  • Jim Henson did drugs? – Link
  • Toylets. Link
  • How the US lost out on iPhone work. link
  • Man shoots nail into his brain, posts it to Facebook from ambulance link

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  1. Great show!
    I too was disappointed by Disinfo’s failure to go dark on SOPA day. I’m glad you guys brought it up and discussed it. More noise than signal over there lately IMO. 2012? Well, here we are. Any rain yet? Less Graham Hancock, more Terrence McKenna. Know what I mean?

  2. Indeed, what would Terrence do?

    DMT of course. Another thing the suits have already made illegal, regardless of the fact that we synthesize it in our fucking heads.

    If SOPA goes through then youtube is a bit fucked isn’t it?

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