SittingNow TV – Episode 02 – The Grimoire Revival

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Jake Stratton-Kent has been lured from the West Country to talk on ‘Familiar and Unfamiliar Spirits’. Exploring the Lares Compitales, Viales and Familiaris as the origin of the Verum spirit and Kimbanda Exu crossover. A tour de force, combining his work on the Grimorium Verum, the origins of magic as expressed in Geosophia and their flowering in the cults of the New World.

This lecture and interview was shot in 2011 at Scarlet Imprint‘s ‘Summer of Love’ event in Brighton (UK).


  1. If I understood the lecture right, it’s about going beyond angels & demons. That he was trying to indicate that the grimoires themselves go well beyond ‘dualism’ (black & white, angels & demons) and into ‘pluralism’ because they retained mentioned of beings assumed to have been part of the lore of antiquity, such as faeiries, elementals, satyrs and so forth. Going beyond the Jewish, Christian or Islamic world vision. =]

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