Cancer dog cloned by RNL Bio

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During the past years, methods of finding and treating cancer have advanced considerably; however many of the sufferers either don’t get diagnosed in time or don’t stick to the warnings of an age when everything gives you cancer.

However, unexpected help could be found in man’s best friend The Dog. This type of animal has demonstrated, in many cases, the ability to smell the malady immediately after the first cancer cells started developing inside the body.

By far the most talented cancer smelling dog of our times is Marine, a Labrador pooch which can identify any form of cancer with success. Unfortunately Marine cannot reproduce because of a surgical procedure she had gone through at age 4.

(editor: further research has shown that the dog is to be cloned!)


  1. What a delight that must be for her. Every day you wake up and get to smell for cancer. Yum.

    Incidentally why are these people cloning her ? Do they think that this ability is genetic ?

  2. yeah i’d wondered that as well, perhaps in a few years we’ll have an army of cancer detecting hounds in NHS hospitals!

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