BehindClosedDoors – Broadcast #041

Published on August 18th, 2013


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  1. Noise of Distopia – Ode agli insofferenti

  2. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Space Patrol

  3. Goblin – Death Dies

  4. A.W.S.T.S – My Drive (Rune Martinsen Mix)

  5. Zombi – Escape Velocity

  6. Boduf Songs – Drexelius Sick Man Quarles Emblem

  7. Tetuan – Barakallahulekom

  8. Guapo – Tremors From The Future

  9. Ennio Morricone – Cors Sui Tetti

  10. Haq – Bees In My Feet

  11. Pissed Jeans – Cafeteria Food

  12. Sandfingers – Stories We Remember From Sleep

  13. Taraf De Haidouks – Rustem

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here.


***Signal Ends***

About Ken Eakins

Ken Eakins is a Freelance Journalist, Academic, and Videographer from the UK. Ken started SittingNow in 2007 as a repository for all the esoteric and underground stuff that he enjoys researching. The map is not the territory!

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