SittingNow TV – Episode 5 – Al Cummins Cut Up

Published on July 21st, 2013
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SittingNow TV finally returns! We bring you a pleasure dome:

Cut-up – the manipulation of existent material to form new / the sundered newspaper, the exploded ticket / aleatoric juxtaposition, dada hagiography, dub literature / paeans to Atropos, lady of the sacred scissors – patron of mosiac, collage and chimeras / the Fate who widens the windows of the soul. / a talk on cut-up by cut-up. / fragments of poetry, prose, lecture and improvisation / “…divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.” / a celebration of chaos, beauty and the spaces dilated. / paired like lips, two scissor blades make one cut.

Recorded last year in Brighton UK
Cameras: Jimmy Burke, Matt Hughes, and Ben Llewellyn
Edit: Ken Eakins
Music: Secret Chiefs 3

About Ken Eakins

Ken Eakins is a Freelance Journalist, Academic, and Videographer from the UK. Ken started SittingNow in 2007 as a repository for all the esoteric and underground stuff that he enjoys researching. The map is not the territory!

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