Vasia Bratchuk – Opus 1 (2419 Record Label)

Published on July 12th, 2013

Vasia Bratchuk 2419 Record Label

Uncharted territory people; this is classical and I barely listen to any Classical. I have certainly never reviewed it so hold on to your hats.

This seems to be a collection of reworkings of the same piece of music with different intonations and emphases and phrasing. So essentially what we’re looking at is a single with seven remixes (in modern parlance). I like “Prelude 1” which is kind of melancholy before coming over like the big reunion scene in a silent film. “Prelude 3” has a nice chord progression in the middle before (again) going all Liberace. My favourite piece is “Prelude 6” which again takes a nice melancholy approach to the piece and is played very beautifully (partially due to its pacing) and also adds an Eastern flavour to the last half of the piece. There are no bad versions but some of them don’t convey the same emotional depth or resonate as much. Vasia plays very well and it’s recorded well with no embellishments.

Another intriguing release from the 2419 Record Label and (As with all their releases) it’s free so why not slip on your silk smoking jacket, wax your moustache and listen to a little light music, Vasia Bratchuk style.

73,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan

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