Salvage My Dream – Desert, Sea and Grass (s/r)

Published on July 12th, 2013

salvage my dream

Salvage My Dream don’t sound like Yorkshiremen. They sound like sun-kissed West Coast psych-pop-folksters. Clearly the perpetual gloom and cold of this country haven’t robbed them of that. Yet. This EP of lo-fi pop songs is very charming and reminds me that twee isn’t automatically bad and ukeleles’s can occasionally sound ok (but not as often as advertisers think). The songs are all well put together and he does a nice line in lyrics and there’s always some pleasing feature….a xylophone flourish here or a cat’s meow there. It also seems like they were mostly recorded in one take and so as well as having a charismatic take on his chosen genre there’s a spontaneity that gives these songs energy  beyond the simple parameters they set for themselves. If you listen to a lot of white noise or screaming (like I do) occasionally it’s nice to remind yourself that real songs are nice too and while it’s not going to change the world, it’s a pleasant way to spend half an hour and a fiver gets you an actual physical release. Plus there is a very lovely cat meow in there too.

75,000 dodecahedrons

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