Coincidence Control Network: File #047 – Close Encounters of the Pizza Kind!

Published on June 8th, 2013


This week: The Beast cometh!, Weed Weekly, Wake up and smell the bacon, Joe’s infomercial, Beware the Build-A-Bear Group, Kim wants Google glass to look at porn because Kim is a massive perv, Icke-TV, Bradley Manning’s trial, Kim wants to join the Israeli army to perv over girls because Kim is a massive perv, and Lou Reed gets a new liver…for cash.


Personnel –   Joe NolanKim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins


  • The Mark of The Beast has Arrived! – Link

  • Two excellent reasons to get stoned – Link

  • Francis Bacon’s Triptych Turns 40 Link Link

  • Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2 Link Link

  • Bilderberg comes to the Uk, provides speakers corner for twats – Link, Link

  • Awwwwwwww – Link

  • David Icke is launching a TV channel … fuuuuuu- Link Link

  • Bradley Manning’s Trial Begins Link

  • Lots of reasons to join the army – Link

  • Lou Reed Gets a New Liver Link


Arnie, The Lonely Island, and Zombi

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Coincidence Control Network is a weekly show that examines emerging countercultures, fringe science, magickal happenings, and other strange blips on the social landscapes that we all occupy.

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  1. Posted by Art on February 13th, 2014, 09:37 [Reply]

    Listening to some back episodes and enjoying myself quite a lot. This episode however, I think you all took turns slandering Lou. There was the implication that he was off the wagon because of the horrible Metallica collaboration called Lulu. That’s actually what happened to Lou without the aid of drugs and booze and apparently without a proper adviser. Heard on Sound Opinions the other day that he’d been sober for quite some time. I think since the 90s or earlier. I won’t try and say that everything the man did was gold because he did produce a fair amount of filler despite being part of the Velvet Underground, one the most influential musical projects ever. In the second half of his life though, the record shows that he was sober.

    Keep it up! CCN is entertaining AND informative.


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