The Viking Youth Power Hour – The Waning Wagon Wanking Along

Published on February 20th, 2013

Dexter Farm - Bob Emmert, Paul Munsey and Billie Waning July 1946This episode finds Matt and Alex barfing along, maintaining the viking boat despite dwindling numbers and even more meager interests.

I think Jason shows up later too and he, at least, manages to indulge in some cocktails.

Thanks Cosmic Barista for the cookies!!


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  1. Posted by Karen Godfry on March 6th, 2013, 23:31 [Reply]

    Ok, I’m kinda getting the style of this.
    Negative association.
    The abused abuse. The fearing become the feared.
    Sex sells and distracts.
    Motherhood is mindless.
    Controlling State blunders.
    Mind closet popping ambiguous State power.
    Ms. Man cull
    And as observer/writer you are none of these.
    Then we have Nicholas Coke as in exposed sex and drugs word association.
    There’s more…

    The picture of effeminate boys does not epitomise Hipster?
    Is this a recursive cognative moralising exercise ?
    Is this an attempt for the author to reach a little bit deeper into the readers psyche in order to win future control and popularity.
    Sex sells so does tapping into our endless guilt and anger in ways less obvious that they might be instantly exposed and filtered before digestion.
    There is no such thing as non-sense.

    A non committed member of another youth culture?
    Who would take rise from that?
    Mature, sexually disenfranchised males take arms, you can, be the elite ? These lily, livered mummies boys are for what purpose ?

    And at the end, we are we, thank God we are not left alone to carry this relentless burden.

    Your pressing all my buttons, I love you, kill me and at which Church altar can I deflower more of these mortal chains. Links please, your excellent!


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